Service and repairs is where it all started. Growing up working on the family cars in the yard with his father and family friends is where Evan got his love for being a mechanic. Rebuilding engines on the picnic table and later inside the converted horse shed was where Evan was happiest. As a kid Evan enjoyed the logic involved in troubleshooting a problem. Finding what was broken and then tracing the way back to the cause and solving it was a satisfying and rewarding experience. For Evan that feeling about car repairs still holds true today 40+ years later. The basic oil change, brakes. timing belts, timing chains, complete engine rebuilds or replacements, diagnosing electrical issues, a/c problems or solving that check engine light that keeps coming on are all are parts of the bigger puzzle. These are all what keep auto repair interesting and challenging. At Absolute Automotive it can all be done. With over 30 years of professional experience on European cars Evan has seen and done almost everything related to VW, Audi and Volvo repairs. Call today to set up an appointment whatever your service or repair needs.